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International wire money transfers

City Exchange money wire transfer is officially licensed transfer agency in Londion, UK. You send money to anyone with bank account quickly and cost-effectively to any destination of the world.

Bank to bank money transfers

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Important note!

The minimum amount to transfer online is 1000. If you want to transfer less than that, please call us on 02072524444 to discuss it first.

For your convenience, you can deposit into our bank account above the amount that you want to transfer to another bank. You do not need to come to our office in person. Once you deposit the money, we will start the transfer immediately.

You can always call us on 02072524444 to discuss your financial matters with an advisor.

Currency exchange service

Money exchange

City exchange net is a currency converter using constantly updated daily currency exchange rates feed. We are competitive and can assure that we beat any exchange rates that you find anywhere on the Net. Get today's exchange rates.

Company overview

Money exchange

City exchange net founded in 2002 is located in London near the financial centre of the city with easy transpoprt links. Learn more about our company here.